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What happened at Religious School - 3/13/21

Uncategorized Mar 13, 2021

During Saturdays celebration of Passover, families gathered at the CBH Parking Lot in a program that made students ask

  • The importance of asking questions in life. What are our family’s most important questions?
  • During the Seder we ask many questions.
  • Dayenu - what is enough in our home or good enough in our lives?
  • How do we experience feeling stuck and free? Write a blessing for your family related to this concept.
  • Where do we find sweetness in our lives?

The program began with edu-tainment Passover songs with Jill, and then families moved on to the self-led section:

  • Families were given the story of Passover in paragraph to cut and tape together in the correct order
  • As they did so, families thought about questions they would ask Moses or the Pharaoh
  • The Rabbi returned dressed as Moses in a surprise arrival
  • Families solved riddles with puzzle pieces they searched for across the parking lot
  • Families wrote questions on each side of a die, and answered the questions as they rolled
  • Families wrote down their own takeaways on magnets
  • Families reflected on what ways they feel free/stuck, and were given chinese finger traps to symbolize bondage

Overall, it was a fun day full of music and fun

Shabbat Shalom and Happy Passover!


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